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Software Developer Training (in English)

Interface Training Centre offers training courses not only in Russian, but also in the English language. We offer you authorized training in Inprise/Borland (Delphi 5), professional training in CA/Platinum Technology (ERwin, BPwin, Paradigm Plus) and Rational Software (Rational Rose/UML) products. We also offer you training in theory and methodology of DBMS.

The Interface Training Centre has been recognized a Top10 Russian education center for 3 years in a row. (According to the researches held by Dator Agency). The center is authorized by Inprise/Borland company.

The center is nationally recognized as a training center for Delphi, ERwin, BPwin, Paradigm Plus and Rational Rose. The experience of our instructors guarantees the quality of our education.

The learning classes are equipped with the best possible computers that provide speed and ease of your learning.

Because our classes' maximum student-to-tutor ratio is 12 to 1, you'll surely get the personalized instructor feedback. Each attendee has his own computer and a full set of learning materials.

All the courses mentioned below are available both in English and in Russian. You can choose training in our training center in Moscow or at your office (no matter what city it's in). You'd just have to pay all the travel expenses of the instructors, though the price of the course will be less, so that tends to be more profitable. We provide the learning materials.

For courses held at your office you need to have a computer for each student with all the necessary software installed.

Courses available in English

Our instructors and experienced developers and experts. We've got thousands of clients satisfied with our courses. If you look below, you'll see that education in the Interface Training Centre helps you to save your precious time and money.

Course Offerings (training in English)

Course Title Days Moscow (training in English) At your office (training in English)
Up to 5 students, $ Each Over 5, Add, $ Up to 5 students, $ Each Over 5, Add, $
Delphi 5 Foundations 5 5400 720 4500 600
Delphi 5 Client/Server Techniques 5 6900 840 5750 700
Delphi 5 Component Creation 5 6900 840 5750 700
Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with Rational Rose (UML) 5 7560 900 6300 750
CASE Technologies and CASE Tools 5 7560 900 6300 750
Designing Quality Process Models with BPwin (IDEF0, IDEF3, DFD standards) 2 3000 360 2500 300
Introduction to Database Design with ERwin (IDEF1X standard) 3 4500 540 3750 450
Introduction into Theory and Methodologies of Design, Implementation and Management of Distributed databases 5 7560 900 6300 750

For courses held at your office, you'll need to pay additionally for all the instructor's travel expenses.

For additional information and class registration please contact us:

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