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Новая версия PL/SQL Developer 11.0

Пакет Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer представляет собой интегрированную среду разработки для создания, тестирования, отладки и оптимизации хранимых процедурных модулей (stored program units) на языке Oracle PL/SQL, таких, как пакеты (packages), триггеры и др.

Что нового в PL/SQL Developer 11.0?

SQL Window Enhancements

  • The result set toolbar has a new Compare records button to easily compare records in the result set.
  • In Single Record mode, the SQL Window will now also display the column comments in the result set grid.
  • A Refresh result set button has been added to refresh (re-execute) the result set.
  • Column totals (sum, count, min, max, avg) are now persistent after re-executing a query.
  • Added Excel exporter (with both xls and xlsx support).
  • Support has been added for Oracle12c extended strings (> 4000 bytes).
  • New Window width option that resizes the SQL Window to match the result set.
  • You can now use a directive in the comment section to control alternate row color, the number of initially fetched records and to display column totals.

Test Window Enhancements

  • New debugger button: Run to cursor line
  • DBMS Output tab page now shows an indicator when the output is available.
  • Variables can now be sorted by name, type or value.
  • New "Go to" menu item, when selected you will be taken to the source location in a Program Window.

Program Window Enhancements

  • Code Contents sorting mode is now persisted.

Plan Window Enhancements

  • In Oracle11g and later you can view the execution plan in HTML, Text and XML format.
  • The Copy function now includes headers.
  • Large number values are now formatted with digit groups.

Table Definition Editor Enhancements

  • Support added for identity columns and default on null columns (Oracle 12c).
  • Support added for domain indexes.

Editor Enhancements

  • Column names are highlighted when typing values for an insert or update statement.
  • Go to Bookmark now positions a bookmark in the centre of the editor.

Code Assistant Enhancements

  • Select multiple items for column lists and parameter lists.

Substitution Variable Enhancements

  • New option "lines=<n>" controls number of input lines on the form.
  • New option "editor=plain/sql/xml" adds a button that invokes a text editor with the given syntax highlighting.
  • New option "lowercase=yes" converts input to lowercase.

Template Enhancements

  • Templates now use the same substitution variable syntax as the SQL Window and Report Window. The old syntax is still supported for backward compatibility.

Recall Statement Enhancements

  • You can now select multiple statements.
  • The complete statement text can now be expanded or collapsed.
  • Semi-colon added when recalling a single SQL statement.
  • Recall directory preference now accepts environment variables.

Connection Enhancements

  • For each connection you can now define an initialization script that will be executed for each database session.
  • On the new Message tab page you can enter a message that will be displayed when you log on.
  • A new preference allows you to control how items in the Connection List are sorted.

Test Manager Enhancements

  • Notes tab page added.
  • Added support for LIKE ''VALUE'' for output values.
  • Added support for IN (VALUE_LIST) for output values.
  • Disabled test items are now displayed grayed out in the list.

Table Export/Import Enhancements

  • Export tables owned by another user.
  • Support for Oracle12c extended strings (> 4000 bytes).
  • Added Statistics option for Oracle Export format.
  • When exporting in Oracle Export format without rows, statistics will implicitly be excluded

Session Window Enhancements

  • Support added for HTML text.
  • Added SQL Monitor detail tab page (Oracle 11.2 and later).
  • Queries can now be database version specific.

Object Browser Enhancements

  • Quickly enter filter expressions to limit the browser contents.
  • Indexes and constraints can now be renamed.
  • Triggers can now be created in the context of a table or view.
  • Folders added for Primary, Unique and Foreign key constraints for views.

Search Bar Enhancements

  • New search in files option.

Window List Enhancements

  • Transaction indicator added for applicable window types.
  • Windows are now always displayed in the same order as the Window menu.
  • Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab now always cycle through the windows in the Window List order.

Allround Automation / PL/SQL Developer
Пакет Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer представляет собой интегрированную среду разработки для создания, тестирования, отладки и оптимизации хранимых процедурных модулей (stored program units) на языке Oracle PL/SQL, таких, как пакеты (packages), триггеры и др. Среда PL/SQL Developer ориентируется на принципы удобства в работе, повышения качества кода и продуктивности программиста, что является ключевым преимуществом при разработке приложений для платформы Oracle.

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