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Interface: Guidewire Experts and Core Insurance System Specialists


·         Interface Insurance Competency Center (VICC) is a cross-company distributed organization allowing to achieve better resources planning and experience among multiple groups distributed across INTERFACE global Guidewire Delivery Centers locations. It allows to better use skills and experience already accumulated within the company, facilitate trainings and support activities needed to accelerate the growth in the Insurance domain.

·         Interface currently counts 170+ FTEs in all areas - development, insurance core systems implementation, automation and testing/ QA.

·         77 dedicated Guidewire resources.

·         We cover full cycle processes starting from Concept/Design to Development->Testing and Test Automation->certification

·         Cover all major platforms: Guidewire, EIS, Duck Creek, OneShield, etc., and leverage business expertise we gained across other business domains.

·         In addition to insurance systems development, focus shifted significantly to the custom software development, where customers are leveraging vast experience and diverse geographic presence: USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

·         INTERFACE has vast expertise in Guidewire product development and support with a proven track record among US (MCG) and C&EE (Tinkoff, Rosgosstrakh) clients.

·         RapidShare is a second major platform where INTERFACE has expertise.

·         INTERFACE has significant experience in multi-platform development, which is getting more and more important with appearance of new platforms and applications.

·         INTERFACE developed a standardized approach allowing to optimize time/cost for multi- and cross-platform development.

Insurance automation testing grew up from our INTERFACE General Automation Testing Group, which has a group of highly skilled QA Engineers with a background in all industry leading tools and languages.

Our QA Engineers have extensive experience in all modern insurance automation tools. ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, increased Mobility  - are the focus areas where we achieved the most impressive results we are going to show you today during live demos.

As part of the program we constantly re-evaluate and tune our approaches, tools and criteria for Insurance industry.

Based on new capabilities of the tools on the market, we identify needs to processes improvements/ extensions.  INTERFACE has built our own solution -  the Business Process Framework that is created as extension of the major OEM product available on the market allowing to manage Insurance business more effectively.

Architecture consists of 3 modules:

. Data Storage contains object identifications of typical UI Elements

. Service (on objective C or Java) - method operates with System Data Storage.  It can work with additional libraries to emulate other system functions

. Test - Through wrapper, service provides Interface to implement test case in XML for execution of test runs, we need a test data, which is stored in Test Data Factory repository

By having a good understanding of the automation tools available to Insurance market, and having engineers of different skill set and different levels (seniors/ mid-level) INTERFACE came to a need to improve capabilities of these tools by building the INTERFACE Insurance Test Automation Framework on top of them.

CI (Continuous Integration) process is unified for both platforms - Guidewire and OneShield; scripts are stored in repository along with application versions that are to be coordinated.

Continuous integration allows managing changes of the System - it takes automation scripts and sources code of changed application and produces a bundle for test automation run - which is now ready for execution.

Upon execution of the tests on Test Farm, results are generated through special reports of JUnit styles, that can transformed into any report format Benefits:

 - works automatically, at any schedule, continuously; once set up does not involve user"s intervention

 - it can also be run manually at any time

 - also can be run on event triggers (ex: new version of the System or automations script).

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