Russian IT Resourses - Update

Just a gentle reminder about the upcoming marketing project. We already have the core companies we need to start the campaign, but are still looking for more.

The campaign is meeting with interest over here, and the enthusiasm and momentum is gaining daily. I would hate to see any of you left out.

To answer all your many questions I have prepared the attached Frequently Asked Questions document, which contains an update on recent changes and events.

Although I have met with many of you and discussed the particulars of Russian IT Resources, it occurs that many of you need more back ground information. Please find the attached Tidal Programming document.

I know that many of you feel you have seen all this before, but this is something new. I am not running an event. I am offering to partner your business and promote your interest so that we may both profit. I am willing to pay most the cost of this promotion, but only for those who are willing to share.

Attached please find attached another copy of the booking document. It is important that you get in early, not only to save money, but to allow us to include you in the direct mail and web advertising. E-mail me your requirements and put in the 50% deposit. I need to know you are going to be there.

For those already in the process of joining, I thank you for your participation and assure you that you will be getting good value for money. The web site is being developed in California, and it is best that you send your web information directly to A word document with images is preferred. It should include an introduction of your company, when it was started, number of employees, the skills that you provide and most importantly, a list of clients. It has also been suggested that you include a photo and short bio of the delegates on your page. The single paragraph with company logo used in the direct mail brochure will also be used on the web site to point to your individual page We will have an off-site demonstration available to review, and ask that you send your comments to that same e-mail address.

I have been working with a local marketing company who are providing another 2,000 names of IT Directors in our catchments area, London, M4 corridor, Birmingham Warwick and Cambridge. The total mailshot will now be 4,000.

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