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HIGHLIGHTS A Resilient Architecture Helps You Deal with Change and Complexity

It's a fact. Software projects today are more complex than ever before. Which explains why so many projects tail. They're victims of excessive complexity, constantly changing requirements, and a breakdown in communication between end users and software developers.

The solution to these problems is a well-architect-ed system one that's modeled visually, giving you a blueprint of your entire system. Rational Software calls this kind of well-architected application "resilient," which means that developers like you can now create software that remains flexible in the face of change.

The bottom line? Rational Rose can help you improve communications, shorten development time, and make complex systems more easily understood.

  OOAMDC Tools Market By Revenue ($M)

A Rational Software Corporation graphic created from the IDC June 1999 report titled, "Development Life-Cycle Management: 1999 Worldwide Markets and Trends. "

Rational Rose is the World's Leading Visual Modeling Tool

We're proud of the fact that Rational Rose dominates the market for Object-oriented Analysis, Modeling, Design, and Construction Tools. A recent report from International Data Corporation (IDC), a leading, independent market and technology research firm, shows that Rational's 1998 market by revenue share is larger than the shares of the next four direct competitors combined. In fact, 1999 marks the fourth consecutive year IDC has named Rational Rose the leading Object-oriented Analysis Design and Construction Tool based on product revenues. You are expected to build systems that will last. Will your project outlive your vendor?

Also, it should come as no surprise that industry experts, journal editors, and users have all recognized Rose's leadership, with more product awards (20 to date) than any other visual modeling tool. We're also acknowledged as technology leaders for our role in the development of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) the standard notation for software architecture. Rational Rose 2000 continues this tradition of excellence.

Unparalleled Support for the UML

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) allows analysts, software architects, and developers to specify, visualize, and document an entire system. By providing a common "language" for speaking about a complex system, the UML allows many different contributors, with diverse perspectives, to communicate on common ground. Key Rational scientists, including Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson, and Jim Rumbaugh led the authoring of the UML standard. The Object Management Group (OMG) accepted Rational's submission of the UML and adopted it as the standard.

Component and Class modeling

Component-Based Development

For the development of complex business systems, component-based development is the proven way to go. With Rational Rose, users can now model their components and interfaces even more effectively. Required components of a design can be easily reverse-engineered to explore the interfaces and interrelationships between other components in the model, lust drag and drop components from a file system onto the component diagram. Then you can reverse engineer, reuse, visualize, adapt, acquire, and create components for your system quickly and efficiently.

Activity and Use Case Modeling

Multi-Language and Multi-Platform Development

Large-scale software projects often involve a variety of languages. Rational Rose provides multi-language support so you can build components in mixed languages. Rose supports C++, Visual C++, lava, Visual Basic, Ada, and can generate Interface Definition Language (IDL) for CORBA applications, as well as Data Description Language (DDL) for database applications. Rational Rose is also platform independent, which means your team can work in Windows and UNIX environments.

Round-trip Engineering

Rational Rose allows you to move easily from analysis to design to implementation and back to analysis again supporting all phases of a project's lifecycle. This controlled iterative style of development lets projects begin with a set of known requirements, and then evolve as project parameters change or new requirements are added.

Rational Rose supports this dynamic change-management process with forward engineering, reverse engineering, and model updating features that allow you to alter your implementation, assess your changes, and automatically incorporate them into your design. Support for round-trip engineering ensures that the iterative development cycle is controlled and productive

Complete Team Support

Rational Rose provides an easy way to coordinate development teams of ten to one hundred or more. Your analysts, architects, and engineers can operate in a private workspace that contains an individual view of the entire model, and modify his or her own piece of the model until it is ready to be merged with other models using the Model Integrator. Changes are made available to others by checking them into a configuration management and version control (CMVC) system. Rational Rose integrates with major CMVC tools including Rational ClearCase and Microsoft SourceSafe. Rose is also Tightly integrated with the Microsoft Repository and Unisys UREP and is open to other repositories.

Team development with the Web Publisher

Ease of Use

Team development with the Model Integrator

Rational Rose is the visual modeling tool of choice for many different types of software projects. In addition to using the UML, Rose supports familiar GUI elements like drag and drop with OLE automation. This lets you integrate with applications like Microsoft Word, and drive Rose from its OLE automation server interface. Rose's proven compatibility with the Windows platform has been tested in the Microsoft usability lab.

Optimized Integration

MFC round-trip engineering with the Visual C++ Model Assistant

Rational Ruse provides seamless integration with industry standard environments including Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. And thanks to Rational Rose's unique Extensibility Interface, Rational Unified Partners offers over one hundred add-in products for Rational Ruse. What's more, Rational Rose is part of the larger Rational Suite"' family of products that provide complete lifecycle support fur requirements management, automated testing, change management, and much more. This leading integration means greater flexibility and productivity for optimal success.
Rational Software's Team Winning Solutions

Teamwork involves more than attending a few cress-functional meetings. It means truly integrating the people on your team so each practitioner shares a common vision throughout the project lifecycle. Rational makes this practical with unique team-unifying solutions like Rational Suite and Rational Cleat-Case, our market-leading configuration and change management solutions. Now any team member can accurately assess progress and quality at any time. Best of all, with Rational's solutions the entire Team works in unison even across multiple platforms, operating systems and geographically distributed sites.

Rational Rose is a member of Rational Suite"' DevelopmentStudio and AnalystStudio ". Rational Suite, combined with both Rational ClearCase, the market-leading configuration and change management solution, and Rational Software's world-class training and support is a winning combination.

See for yourself how Rose can make development easier. Get your FREE Rational Rose evaluation software at our Web site right now. www.rational.com/rose


"A key benefit of UML is that users gain control over the architecture they are building. The key discriminator between successful and unsuccessful projects is how well architected the system is."

Grady Booch

"At FedEx, we needed a visual modeling tool to build our mission-critical Global Operations Control Center (GOCC) system. Rational Rose proved to be the best solution for our integration and expansion requirements."

Mike Strumminger, Manager, Object management

Strategic Systems Development, FedEx



UNIX System Requirements


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