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The New Standard for Real-time
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The Real-Time Challenge

Software development teams all face the same challenge - to develop applications of infallible quality, delivered sooner and at a lower cost than ever before. There are, however, additional challenges facing those who develop real-time embedded software, such as stringent requirements for latency, throughput, reliability, and availability. Effective communication of design decisions, and especially decisions of highly concurrent designs, can also be a daunting task.

Rational Rose RealTime

Rational Rose RealTime is a comprehensive visual development environment that delivers a powerful combination of notation, processes, and tools to meet these real-time challenges. Through the industry standard UML, real-time design constructs, code generation, and model execution, Rational Rose RealTime addresses the complete lifecycle of a project; from early use case analysis, through to design, implementation, and testing.

The Real-Time Development Choice

Rational Rose RealTime is based on market-leading technology that extends Rational Rose, the world's leading visual modeling tool, with field-proven model execution and code generation capabilities from ObjecTime Limited, the technical leader in real-time embedded development tools.

Analyze, Design, Compile, Execute, Debug and Test

Rational Rose RealTime: The Best Tool for Every Stage of Real-Time Application Development

Rational Rose RealTime enables your teams to build applications using UMl component-based visual design models. A UMl model compiler automatically generates complete C++ execut-ables for UNIX, NT, and a variety of real-time operating systems directly from system or component models. Application generation of full or partial designs, plus animated visual and symbolic debuggers, encourage early design refinement and continuous validation.

Rational Rose RealTime supports an iterative development strategy that reduces your development risks. Code generation technology lets you compile ond execute your designs at even the earliest stages of product inception. Early execution on host or target provides you with the feedback you need to discover and correct design flaws and minimize risk.

Optimized Real-Time Design Constructs

With Rational Rose RealTime, you specify designs in a way that mirrors how real-time, event-driven systems actually work.

The basic building blocks ore active objects called capsules. Capsules interact with each other through one or more signal-based boundary objects called "ports". The functionality of simple capsules is realized directly by the state machine associated with the capsule. More complex capsules combine the state machine with on internal network of collaborating sub-capsules.

Complete UML support plus real-time constructs deliver the most advanced real-time development solution in the industry:

Use sequence diagrams to specify design behaviour

Advanced model compiler generates complete real-time C++ executables — directly from your design models.
State machine model debugger with state change animation and model-level breakpoints lets you diagnose UML designs directly

Integrated symbolic debugging on host and target

Capsule collaboration debuggers let you trace messages exchanged between capsules to get a high-level view of model runtime behaviour

Behaviour can be verified by comparing design time sequence diagrams, with runtime sequence diagrams automatically generated from runtime event traces

Use sequence diagrams to specify design behaviour

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UML For Real-Time Development
Tool Chain Integration

Rational Rose RealTime is designed for simplified and streamlined insertion into your software development environment, processes, and workflows.

Seamless integration with other Rational products ond support for a diverse set of commercial real-time operating systems offers development teams a complete solution that no other vendor can match. And out of the box support for leading compilers and symbolic debuggers keeps you in control of your design. These integrations let you focus on the design of your software, rather than on the development environment or on tool interoperability issues.

Support for Large Team Development

Real-time embedded systems often require large-scale development teams to handle the complexities of design and construction. Without good communication and the clear capture of system architecture, developing in such an environment can be disastrous.

Rational Rose RealTime can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Rational RoseLink Partners

The Rational RoseLink Partner Program was created in response to the growing demand for customized

software solutions made with Rational Rose.

There are already over 100 RoseLink Partners, creating a wide range of high-quality, innovative products designed to help you meet your software development challenges.

To learn more about our partners' products and services for Rational Rose RealTime, or to learn how you can become a RoseLink Partner for Rational Rose RealTime, please visit: www.rational.com/rosert/

System Requirements

Support for leading RTOS targets, including Wind River Tornado, ISI pSOS+, Microtec VRTX, and Enea OSE.

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