TestComplete 8.0 сравнение редакций

 TestComplete - это инструмент для автоматизации тестирования, позволяющий вам создавать и выполнять тесты для любых Windows и Web приложений, как простых, так и обладающих богатой функциональностью. Используя TestComplete, вы с легкостью сможете создавать и автоматизировать тесты для вашего приложения. Автоматизированные тесты работают быстрее, охватывают больше областей тестируемого приложения и снижают затраты на тестирование.


Сравнение редакций TestComplete версии 8

Feature Standard Enterprise
Black-box testing (functional testing of any Windows application)

Extended support for .NET Windows Forms 


Extended support for WPF (XAML) applications 

Extended support for Visual C++ applications 


Extended support for Visual Basic applications 

Extended support for Delphi applications 

Extended support for C++Builder applications 

Extended support for Java applications 

Extended support for JavaFX applications 

Extended support for Qt applications 

Support for Silverlight applications
(via the UI Automation technology)

Support for 64-bit applications 

Extended support for applications using Microsoft Active Accessibility (Sybase PowerBuilder, Microsoft Visual FoxPro and other applications)

Testing applications that support the Microsoft UI Automation framework 


Testing applications running under another user account 


Support for third-party controls (.NET Windows Forms, WPF, MFC, VCL, CLX)

Functional testing (or user interface testing)


Unit testing (including support for MSTest, JUnit, NUnit and DUnit unit tests)

AQtime integration and coverage testing 


Keyword testing 

Scripting in VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script and C#Script 

Test debugging (including script debugging)

Event handling 

ActiveX objects support 

Low-level recording and playback 


Data-driven testing 

Test data generator 

Object-driven testing 

Manual testing 

Source code control integration 

User forms 

Calling external functions (including Windows API and DLL functions, .NET and Java classes)


Tracing exceptions, hang-ups and crashes in applications 

Databases support

Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System  - 

Network suites (distributed testing) - 

Web testing (functional testing of web pages) - 

Support for third-party ASP.NET controls  - 

Testing of web services  - 

Extended support for Silverlight applications (including access to native object properties and methods) - 

Testing Flex applications  - 

Testing Flash applications  - 

Testing AIR applications  - 


Optical character recognition and Text Recognition plug-in - 

Issue-tracking support  - 


TestExecute  - 

TestRecorder  - 

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